Alabama Football Team Visits White House Monday


whitehouseOur beloved Alabama Crimson Tide football team is heading to the nation's capital for a visit to the White House. The team is set to leave on Monday for Washington DC. The team will be visiting with President Obama as well as to visit with local youth in order to contribute to the community programs promoted by Pres. Obama. The football team will actively speak to the youth about making good choices in life, exercise, and good eating habits. One of the other things that the team will do is visit the Pentagon.

Coach Nick Saban has already been called by Pres. Obama following the national championship win over Texas 37-21 with congratulations. Coach Nick Saban once famously turned down President Bush for a dinner date because of football practice... but this time he seems to be warming up to the idea of speaking to the president in person. In fact, he invited Pres. Obama to come play a game of basketball with him and the staff in Tuscaloosa.

It is expected that the team will arrive at the White House late Monday morning for personal visit with Obama, and the team will be given a guided tour of the White House... hopefully none the team members will be like Forest Gump and say to the president that "I have got to go pee!" after complementary Dr. Peppers!  All joking aside, it should be a great time for the Alabama players and is a trip that is well deserved.

The team will be back in time for the on-campus pro day, a day that is set aside for the NFL draft eligible players to work out in front of NFL scouts.


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