The “SWAGGA” is Back! Alabama 2009 Edition Video



Folks, I believe Alabama is still the REAL DEAL this year. There are a lot of whiners who would complain about the "delay" in the FIU beatdown, but please remember back to the horrible time we had to endure before where we lost to teams like that (i.e. La Tech, ULM, etc.).

Bama has its "SWAGGA" back like they had in '92 and are looking great. The line is playing good and McElroy is showing he is a true leader at QB. The D is playing good and at the skill positions we actually have SKILL! I saw this video on YouTube and just had to share it.  Trent rocked FIU for 100+ yards as a third string back!   It pumps me up to think about the upcoming games that I believe Alabama will shine like they did at VT.

Not to overlook NT, but the SEC teams like Arkansas,Ole Miss, Tennessee,LSU, Miss St, and AU better get their cleats tied on tight...cause we are going to knock them out of their shoes if they don't! Roll TIDE!

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