Nick Saban More Popular Than God on Facebook In Alabama?


More Popular in Alabama on Facebook Than God?

More Popular in Alabama on Facebook Than God?

Apparently, yes.  This according to the website for the top fan pages in Alabama:

In Order of What the Facebook People of Alabama Fans The Most..

o Nick Saban
o God
o Alabama Football
o Starbucks
o Terrence Cody Jr
o I need a vacati...
o Rick and Bubba
o FreezePops
o Chick-fil-A
o Dislike Button

I never would have guessed Starbucks in fourth... maybe hunting or fishing.  Even Terrence Cody seemed like a bigger star than Starbucks to me.  Maybe I am old style, but what in the heck is wrong with regular coffee???  Anyway, I digress....

Nick Saban is a popular figure on facebook, and the numbers point to the Alabama fans choosing him more than God to fan!  I know Alabama football is almost religion here in Alabama, but this seems to show how far it goes in the public realm.  Don't go looking for Nick Saban to come out and act like John Lennon when Lenin said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.  That is just not going to happen.

According to Pete Warden, programmer behind, most states in the south put God above football... but not in Alabama.  Florida was particularly high on Starbucks above God & Loiusiana was higher on the Saints than the Higher Power.

Here in Alabama, we love God, but we facebook fan Nick Saban more!  After all, we are erecting a graven image in his image for bringing home the coveted national championship crystal trophy to Tuscaloosa.  I am all for Nick Saban, but just don't get too carried away and treat the statue like the old testament golden calf.  After all, he is just human...lest we forget.  Bear Bryant would tell you that...

Oh by the way... invite your friends to join my facebook page about Alabama!  Its a big hit!!!!   😉   Roll Tide and God Bless You!

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