Now That The Dust Is Clearing.. Can Alabama Still Play in National Championship?


Well, the odds are very long but it is possible. The Tide has done this type of thing before. They are now at #4 in the country in the BCS. Just two years ago, we played a rematch with LSU after not making the SEC championship. The dynamics are different this year however as Alabama will need two miracle upsets of the two teams ahead of them, Ohio State & Florida State.

Florida State takes on the upstart Duke Blue Devils for the ACC Title game (and no I am not talking basketball.. it's football here). Florida State, in my opinion, is way to physical & Winston, their quarterback, is way too good for this loss. You can never count it out as a possibility, but if it happened it would potentially be the biggest upset in college football history. I would give Duke a 1% chance of winning this game.

Next is Ohio State. They narrowly escaped Michigan this week with a one point victory (42-41). They play a pretty good Michigan State (11-1) team that is pretty dangerous. Given that they now have the blueprint from Michigan on how to attack Ohio State, it is not a long shot for Michigan State to come out of this game victorious. In fact, it would be hilarious to see Urban Meyer lose this game in my opinion anyway. Ohio State has fed on beating low level teams all year and it would be nice to see them knocked off to make room for any SEC team (even if it is....ugh... Auburn!) I would say there is a 50% chance for Ohio State losing this game.

So can Alabama make the national championship game? I would say that it is a solid 0.5% chance we could get into it against an Auburn or Missouri. If it is Auburn, it would possibly be most compelling of all, since there was the miracle kick return at Jordan Hare. Such a scenario would make for the "Mother of All Iron Bowls II"!!!!

Is it possible... yes it is! Is it likely? No, honestly, it isn't.

I hope I did not get your hopes up, but in college football you never know what may can happen. Remember Stanford and Baylor last year? Saban has gotten lucky before, even if his lucky charms failed him last night.

Let's hope. I would love to get a second shot at Auburn for all the marbles. Wouldn't you!?! It would be a fitting end to the BCS era to see such a rematch!

Roll Tide Roll!

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