2013 Taiwanese Iron Bowl Animation Hilarious!


Some Taiwanese animation "sweat shop" studio has been busy lately... producing a funny Iron Bowl comedy animation! Yes, it is a gift from across the world to the fans of Alabama & Auburn to get a chuckle. You know the Iron Bowl is getting big when it spans the globe and draws international attention.

Here is their take on what is happening today in the Iron Bowl...

"Down in Alabama things pretty much seem to revolve around three things: family, religion and football. The entire state is getting ready for one of the biggest rivalries in college football as No. 1 Alabama travels to Jordan-Hare Stadium to take on the No. 4 Auburn in the 2013 Iron Bowl.

Hundreds of RVs have already filled parking lots down the street from the football stadium a week before kickoff. This year's game has huge national championship implications. Alabama and Auburn have claimed the last four national titles. The Tide and Tigers have only met once before when both were ranked in the top five. In 1971, No. 3 Alabama beat No. 5 Auburn and Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Pat Sullivan 31-7 in 1971.

Both Auburn and Alabama still have a shot at the national title, although Auburn most likely needs either No. 3 Ohio State or No. 2 Florida State to lose. Losses by Oregon and Baylor have helped the Tigers move up quite a few spots.

The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is one of the greatest in college football. There have been numerous games where one squad was playing for a title and the other was attempting to be the spoiler. This is the first time since the SEC split into divisions in 1992 that Alabama and Auburn will play for one spot in the SEC championship game. However, if Auburn does win, both teams will be SEC West regular-season co-champs.

Auburn's rushing attack will have to be on point if it's going to come away with the upset. No doubt the Crimson Tide defense will make it anything but easy on the Tigers. Do the Tigers have it in them to pull out another Bo Jackson over the top? Or is Alabama going to be p_ssing all over the Toomer's Corner oaks again?"

There is some slightly crude language, but nothing to bad. What is funny, however, is to get their take on the 2013 Iron Bowl in animation. They make both sides look a bit silly and if you can't laugh at yourself (like some politically correct fans out there), then just skip this video. You might get offended if you are like that.

Otherwise, check the funny Iron Bowl cartoon below..

Listen to how they pronounce "Toomer's Corner". So funny!

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