Auburn Fans Came Out of Woodwork On Katherine Web Safety Story


Yesterday's story on A. J. McCarron being concerned about his girlfriend, Katherine Webb, being safe at the Iron Bowl has really stirred the pot in an already spirited 2013 Iron Bowl.   Auburn fans came out of the woodwork like the screaming Tammy on the Finebaum show, to defend the honor of their gracious crowd in Jordan Hare. In typical fashion, they pull out the Updike story and try to make all Alabama fans to look like Updikes with Spike 80DF in their back pocket. Take a look at some of the comments...

Here are a couple of comments from Auburn fans who think AJ 's fears are unfounded..

Oh give me a break! The Auburn fans are not the crazed ones who do crap like that! It was Bama fans who poisoned trees, teabagged opposing team fan, etc. War Eagle!  -Lesa

One of the most stupid, arrogant, self centered, ignorant, elitist and snobby things I have ever read in my life. What, are the masses of ignorant peasants at the football game so frightful and unruly that he’s concerned that they might lose all control and savagely beat her to death or something? Are the “common folk” so stupid and crazy that they just can’t control themselves? Maybe they are SO much better than all of us lowly peasant people and they deserve special treatment and protection…. GIVE ME A BREAK. If you’ve ever been to an Auburn home game, then you would know that it’s a family atmosphere for the most part and that the stadium is full of little kids, old people, the entire range and scope of people in our society. Yes there are a lot of college kids there (It is a college campus) but it’s not like you’re going down to the local biker bar on a Saturday night while you’re wearing their rival’s colors or anything. The worst thing that could happen to her is that she might meet a guy who isn’t a total douche bag for a change. Maybe she might meet a bigger douche, or get hit on a lot by guys that don’t know any better, but to be concerned for her freaking safety?!?! These people have obviously lost touch with reality, either that or they 100% believe that they are just special and so much better that everyone else that she would be accosted just because she is who she is and you know how us crazy AU fans are, we might just say “War Eagle!” or something just as frightening. How did this ever get to be a freakin’ story anyway?!? -John F.

I look at this way, A.J. only wants his girlfriend to be ok. It's understandable since she is considered a traitor to the Auburn nation. Frankly, I do not think that anything would happen, but you never know.  It's natural when folks are in love they worry about each other.  A.J. will be in the game, she will be on the sideline. He can't protect her from there.

However, like I said yesterday... he will make the Auburn fans cry on Saturday when Bama wins. Katherine will once again kiss her prince charming in victory after the game no matter what the Tammy-like Aubies have to say about it.

Roll Tide Roll!

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I am a Bama fan but I understand why Auburn fans are offended but it is not fair to judge all Bama fans by the stupid actions of some mentioned before just like its not fair for AJ to assume Auburn fans may harm his Girlfriend but I see where he is coming from not because its Auburn its because there are some stupid people out there not matter what team they support.


If there is no problem with the auburn fans, why did you go off like somebody stole something from you and shot your dog in the process Mr. John F.????? Your extreme emotional reaction is exactly what McCarron was worrying about. The only reason he had any concern is because she graduated from Auburn and is now a big Alabama fan. Some people get CRAZY about that kind of thing. Not everyone stays all calm and collected like John F. lololololol


My question is “did A. J. really say this”. Katherine and him seem like very private people. Yes they are in a very public spotlight right now. I am a total Alabama fan and I can understand him wanting her safe but I also don’t think Auburn would resort to anything so bad as harming her. The rival schools are both competive and honorable. As for as the lady’s statement of the killing of the trees that was horrible and the fan served his time. Both schools are family oriented and the state of Alabama loves football for sure.If you live there you have to pick a side! I was raised on Bear Bryant and know the meaning ofwhat hethought of good sportmanship. It is the highlight of the year for these two teams to play and may the BEST TEAM WIN! ALL I WILL SAY IS ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

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