Because They Were a Team Of Champions Speech



At the celebration of the national title where it was estimated 30,000 showed up on the cold damp day to celebrate the crystal ball coming to T-town under the leadership of Nick Saban. "Because they are a team of champions, they were able to win the national championship," said Coach Nick Saban. Coach Saban went on to say "I want everybody here to know this is not the end," Saban said. "This is the beginning."

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An open message to Rolando McClain
Dear Rolando,
As a long devoted Bama Fan, I feel I must write to you. I know that you are getting alot of advise as to whether or not to turn pro, so I’ll throw my thoughts into the mix. First of all you are an AWESOME athlete, one of the best I have ever seen! So that being said, I am praying that you will decide to stay in school and get your degree! YOU owe it to YOURSELF to have an education! I am well aware of the sports agents, promising you the world, right? You are a bright young man and I think you see through the nonsense. I’m sure others have said this to you as well but please think, and remember “An education is something no one can ever take away from you!!!” God Bless YOU and Roll Tide. Jan Hoobler, Houston Texas

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