Can Alabama Beat A Pro Team?


The talk besides the Alabama/LSU game this week has been can the Tide beat an NFL team.

This conversation was started by South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier who probably was just making a joke, but many took the joke and ran with it.

Now from fans, NFL coaches, sports writers and college coaches are all discussing whether or not this Alabama team could beat the worse team in the NFL

Most, like Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, say no way.

"The falsehood is to think that could ever take place. It isn't even close," Carroll said Wednesday before a Seahawks practice.

"Alabama has a great team, and Nick (Saban) is a fantastic coach. But when you match up the interior lines against a regular NFL team, on either side of the ball, it wouldn't even be close."

That might be true, but if you watched the Kansas City Chiefs play last night, you might beg to differ. Don't you think the Chiefs could have used an AJ McCarron at quarterback or a T.J. Yeldon running the football last night?

And if you look at the Carolina Panthers on defense, you'd be hard press to find anyone who would take their defense even if it's an NFL defense, over Alabama's or for that matter LSU's defense.

Yet, many are convinced that Alabama wouldn't have a chance against an NFL team, but if you watch some of these NFL teams, the question may be how close would the Tide come in pulling an upset?

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