LSU Seeks Revenge Against Bama


Since Nick Saban became the coach at Alabama, the LSU rivalry has been taken to whole new level. Not that the LSU game wasn't important, but until Saban left LSU, went to the Miami Dolphins, then came back to the SEC as the head coach of Bama, the LSU game quite frankly wasn't as big as the Tennessee or Auburn games.

But since the pair have been battling it out for not only SEC West supremacy, but national supremacy as well it's gotten bigger as each year has past and  it was all played out on the national stage in New Orleans this past January to the dismay of the country.

After the national championship game in New Orleans, LSU's dislike for Alabama has grown further and after their embarrassing loss, they want revenge. USA Today examines LSU's dislike for Bama and how they plan to atone for their loss in the national championship game.


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