LSU Blogger Calls Saban A Fascists


You can tell that LSU and Alabama week has begun because the trash talk has already started.

A blogger by the name of Poseur on the LSU SB Nation blog, basically thinks Saban is a "meanie" and needs to be destroyed by the Tigers.

"The Nick Sabans of the world want to suck all of the joy out of the game. They want to turn it into a repetitive battle of mindless automatons perfectly executing their genius gameplans. They want to suck everything great about the game out of the game, and then they want us to line up and tell them how wonderful they are."

I'm guessing this person didn't have a problem with Saban when he was winning at LSU, but now that he is in Tuscaloosa dominating, he is suddenly a fascist.

Interesting take. You think this will get back to Coach Saban? My guess is yes-which will make Saban work even harder to punish LSU.

To read more and to comment, check out the article on SB Nation.


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saban could care less was anyone, much less a blogger, thinks. he doesn’t need outward motivation and doesn’t have time for that shit.

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