Saban’s Freshman Policy Based On Burress


If you were waiting to hear from Amari Cooper about his performance in the Tennessee game, you must be still in Knoxville waiting. As most of you know by now, Nick Saban has a policy about freshman speaking to the media which is freshman are to be seen and not heard.

But the Montgomery Advertiser explains in a recent article why Saban has had this policy for years, two words: Plaxico Burress.

The article speculates that when Burress played for Saban at Michigan State, he  ran his mouth about some game (I believe it was Michigan)and  he got his tail kicked  and the team lost-  Saban kind of confirmed this story with these comments.

“We’re going to play Michigan at Michigan which is the biggest game of the year. I let freshmen talk to the media. He’s a freshman. He says ‘Yeah, going down there will be like taking candy from a baby.’ So, he just about got killed. They tried to kill him down there for 60 minutes in the game. We didn’t win the game.”

Well there you go. Saban doesn't like nor approve of trash talking by ANYONE especially underclassman. To read more about what Saban had to say about this incident, check out this article from the Montgomery Advertiser.


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