Former Vols Quarterback Encourages Dirty Play On McCarron


Here is another reason to hate Tennessee. Ex UT quarterback Eric Ainge said in a recent interview that the Vols defense should go after AJ McCarron’s sore knee if they want to win Saturday.

“I say it all the time. Nasty, attitude, get after it. Do something crazy,” Ainge said. “The first time AJ McCarron drops back, tell one of your boys you've got fifteen on this one. He's got a sore knee, go step on it.”

Ainge basically admitted in the same interview that the Vols have no chance to beat Bama and the only way they might have a chance is to get McCarron out of the game.

“We're going to have to do something that makes them say 'Woah, this isn't how teams play us. Why aren't these guys scared? Everyone's supposed to be afraid of us.”

How do you think current Vols quarterback Tyler Bray feels about Ainge encouraging them to go after McCarron knowing he has to face the No. 1 defense in the country?

My guess is he shudders at the thought of what could happen to him if AJ McCarron is put out of the game.

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This just makes me sick. I cannot believe Mr. Tyler Bray could even have a nightmare dreaming of something so despicable and then tell an upcoming quarterback how to play dirty against a team that has worked so hard for their position in the standings.

I don’t know if this will come up in conversation in Mr.Bray’s radio talk show, if so I hope the Tennessee fans turn their backs to him because nobody would wish this on anyone, or at least I’d like to think so.

Please, never let this man around kids who are wanting to learn football and maybe one day have a chance to play in pro sports. His dirty thinking should never, ever be passed on to kids who looks up to him as their hero.

Shame on you Mr. Tyler Bray! If Tennessee wants a chance to win Saturday, they will have to pull together as a team and play hard. Nobody ever claimed Alabama couldn’t be beat, but to resort to dirty playing? Well I hope those young men playing Saturday are better than that.


I apologize for misquoting names in my previous post. I meant to tell about the former Tennessee quarterback Eric Ainge.

Roll Tide!

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