There Is No Love Lost For Saban For Vols Sentimore


To say that former Alabama player Darrington Sentimore has no love for Nick Saban would be an understatement.

Sentimore, who transferred last season to Tennessee, expressed why he left the program.

Apparently he and coach Saban's personalities didn't gel.

"He'll see you in the hallway and walk right pass you like he doesn't see you,” Sentimore said. “I want this game more than any other game because I want to beat Saban,”

I've done some research on why Sentimore (outside of Saban passing him in the hall and not speaking) left the program- there were no other reason I've found.

There are some unconfirmed rumors out there, but maybe the truth is he didn't cut the mustard. It's obvious that the defense hasn't suffered without Sentimore, which should tell fans something about the type of player Sentimore was; at least under Saban.

In my opinion, Sentimore's playing hasn't helped the Vols defense that much either.Roll Tide!

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