Saban Responds To Tide Fan’s Death


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Nick Saban has been called and accuse of a lot of things; today he is being called classy.

On September 30, Mike Crowell who is a high school coach out of North Carolina, died.

Crowell was a HUGE Alabama fan and the school was trying to get Coach Saban to come to the school for homecoming.

Saban was unable to grant the request, but he did send Crowell’s family a letter acknowledging them and the coach.

“We’re always very sorry and compassionate for the family members when they lose a loved one,” Saban said.

“We acknowledged his professionalism, his character and our appreciation for his support.”

Crowell’s sister-in-law went on to say that her brother-in-law would be “ecstatic knowing that Saban took the time to recognize him.”

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Kristopher Anderson
October 12th, 2012 at 7:09 am

Classy is a word i would describe coach Nick Saban in all situations. It may not be at the moment, driven by his determination to strive for protection, but its there. There was another case that i know of of when coach Nick Saban was classy and made mine and my families day a lot better. My dad was a Lee County deputy in Alabama and was murdered September 24, 2009. I remember walking around at the wake looking at all the flowers when i ran into an arrangement with an Alabama ribbon tied to it. Looking at the card it came from Nick Saban and his wife personally. To a boy that lost his father a simple thing like that from a person he looks up to means more than coach Nick Saban could know. I am proud to say i am an Alabama fan and Nick Saban is our coach thank you for what you did for my dad and family.

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