Danielson Defends Saban On No-Huddle


Normally, when we bring up Gary Danielson, it’s because he has said something that we absolutely don’t agree with, but not this time.

We haven’t come here to criticize Danielson; we have come to actually praise him.

A lot of college football experts were taken aback about Saban’s comments about the no-huddle offense, but Danielson, who appeared on the Paul Finebaum Show, begged to differ.

“I don't like the product personally and I think the officials should allow the defense more time to substitute,” he said.

That’s in contrast to what a lot of Danielson’s colleagues were saying who thought Saban was whining.

Enjoy it while it last people, Danielson may not ever agree again with Saban.

To read more about Danielson’s appearance on Finebaum, check out this link on AL.com.


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