Calloway and Sims Will Get A Chance At Running Back


Nick Saban has reportedly said that both Brent Calloway and Blake Sims will get a chance to play at the running back position at some point this season. Saban said this in an ESPN article. “We have two guys that I think we have to get ready to some degree to be able to give us some depth at running back,” Saban said. “Calloway is a guy who played running back here for a long time, who we tried to make an H-back, who we're going to give some repetition to at that position. Blake Sims has been a running back in the past, even though he's sort of a backup quarterback right now, I still think that his skill-set would allow him very easily with his understanding of the offense and previous experience to go back and be able to play that position to some degree.” Calloway seems to be ready for his new challenge according to what he said on his Twitter feed. “Good morning world today I begin my journey as a refreshed person!!!” Nice to see the young man bounce back after his troubles last season. Also nice to see that despite the injuries, Bama still is stable at running back.

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