Richardson “Humbled” In The Presence of Jim Brown



Being called “ordinary” by the great Jim Brown didn’t seem to bother Trent Richardson.

In fact, Richardson has been anything but ordinary. Richardson’s play has been the only good news so far from the Cleveland Browns.

After making those comments a few weeks ago, Brown has tried to retract them by saying he just said that to motivate Richardson, something Trent said he understood.

“A lot of people took the message the wrong way, but it was always a motivational thing,” Richardson said. “Jim Brown, he's an inspiring person. He's a person that loves people and loves being around people. He's the type of guy that's an icon, always been an icon, always been a fighter, always been a winner.”

We always knew that Trent was a humbled and graceful kid, so it doesn’t surprise me or anyone else that he would be a stand-up guy in this situation.

To read more about Richardson’s meeting with Jim Brown, check out this article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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