Updyke Arrested Again


Here is a story that shouldn’t surprise any of us; Harvey Updyke has been arrested again this time for terrorizing a store manager in Hammond, Louisiana.

According to a police report, Updyke became angry when a store manager would only give him $110 for a lawnmower he was trying to return, when he insisted on getting $150 for the product. The manager called the police when Updyke caused a scene.

Updyke, who is still awaiting trial for tree poisoning, allegedly said:

“I’ll come back and take care of everyone.” Updyke also reportedly told police that he didn’t care and that he was going to prison and had a bad heart anyway.

The police in Hammond thought Updyke was a threat, so they sent him to the local jail and then to Amite Parrish Prison on September 19th .

Updyke is suppose to go on trial for the Auburn case on October 1st.

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