Faster Than a Speeding Bullet – Super Deaderick To The Rescue!


FleishersupermanI could not believe my eyes this morning when reports began swirling that Brandon Deaderick (who was shot Monday) could play against Virginia Tech tonight! What is he? Superman? What's next? Leaping over a tall Atlanta building? X-ray vision? (He might find that one useful! LOL) But for real, who gets shot on Monday and wants to play a football game on Saturday? ...and I thought McClain was the tough one on our D! Talk about being a man!

In an interview this morning, Nick Saban indicated that it is not an open and shut case of Brandon not playing.  Alabama's medical staff will evaluate him medically in the warm-ups and make a decision on whether to let him particicate in this high profile game with national significance.  

It was a flesh wound so it is very possible we see the Man of Steel himself, Brandon, flying around the backfield of the Hokies tonight.  All I can say is that this is amazing... lets just hope the Hokies don't have any kryptonite!  LOL 


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