Chizik=Mike Dubose? ESPN Says Yes


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ESPN’s Ivan Maisel had an interesting take on Auburn’s Gene Chizik. He thinks Chizik’s time down at Auburn can be compared to Mike Dubose’s time at Alabama.

Here is Maisel’s take:

“Gene Chizik is 31-12 at Auburn, 14-0 when Cam Newton starts and 17-12 when he doesn’t. The 31-28 overtime victory over Louisiana-Monroe, Auburn’s first win of 2012, couldn’t have placated the Tigers much, not with No. 2 LSU next. Chizik's tenure is reviving memories of Mike DuBose, who coached Alabama from 1997-2000. DuBose went 10-3 and won the SEC in 1999, the senior year of tailback Shaun Alexander and Outland Trophy-winning tackle Chris Samuels, and 14-20 otherwise. Chizik isn’t Dubose yet. But Auburn fans who reveled in DuBose’s demise -- and you know they did -- may be feeling a little karma.”

Basically what Maisel is saying is what a lot of people (not just Alabama fans) have been thinking but afraid to say: Chizik is an average coach who had his best year when he had the best player in the country on his roster, but without him, he and his team are average at best. Yeah, that does kinda sound like the Mike Dubose years.

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