Arkansas/Alabama Preview


This is has got to be the longest week that Arkansas and their fans have experience since, well since the Bobby Petrino scandal.

You don’t know what to expect this week from the Hogs which is why they are still a scary team to play. With all the talk about how the Tide should beat the Hogs into submission, they could come out and play the game of their lives.

Odds are though that without Tyler Wilson playing and their defense being suspect, that won’t happen. Many think Wilson should sit out this game not only because he isn’t 100 percent, but also to save his career. The Bama defense knocked him out of the game last year and if they knock him out this year, their season and his season could be done.

Even if Wilson played, the Arkansas defense showed last week that it may not be enough to win the ball game. AJ McCarron has been hot to start the season throwing the football and you know it’s only a matter of time before the running game gets back on track this week as well.

It wouldn’t shock me at all if the Hogs came out at least in the first half all fired up ready to prove they aren’t the same team that lost to La Monroe last week.

But at some point Alabama will do what is suppose to do; dominate and make Arkansas submit to their will. The fact that things have been quiet in Tuscaloosa this week and that the players especially the offensive players weren’t pleased with how they played against WKU, could not come at a worse time for the Razorbacks.

Arkansas may score a few points this week, but it won’t be enough.

Alabama 35 Arkansas 17

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