Arkansas Goes Gimmicky With A “Red Out” Saturday Verses Bama!


It is absolutely hilarious the things that teams will try to do to beat Bama.  The "pick your color - out" thing never works against Alabama.  In fact, it probably motivates the players to rub the opponents nose in their own weird color obsession.

This Saturday Arkansas fans are going to "RED OUT" Bama!      This silly act of color coordination is being led by Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long, who tweeted..

Jeff Long@jefflongUA  We're all disappointed in Sat, none more than S-As & Coaches We will pull together not apart Join us for RedOut to show support for players

Just think back to the Georgia Black of Alabama in 2008. Bama whipped the black little pups like a weaning mother dog! They had no chance against a rising Tide in the second year of the Saban era of domination. Now Arkansas is grasping at straws, hoping to get a spark in the last hours before being pummeled alive by Alabama.

I just hope Alabama doesn't drink the KoolAid after hearing about the Arkansas loss last week to a feisty LA Monroe squad. Fact is, this is still an SEC team with the fire power to play big boy ball. Every Bama player needs to focus and get ready because Bama has a target on its back.. even if our fans don't "Crimson Out" or "White Out" anyone.

I wouldn't worry about the red out... Saban is like Visine. He will get the red out! lol


I will leave you with a funny little video of the Georgia Blackout...

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It wasn’t only a blackout- It was a shut out! bwah ha ha!

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