2012 Alabama Michigan Football Game Highlights


It doesn't hurt to take one more look at the Alabama/Michiganhighlights as we go into the end of the week.  It was a sizzling 41-14 thumping over the Wolverines.  Alabama, regardless of how Saban wants to paint it, looked dominating overMichigan.  Of course, there were breakdowns, but overall it was complete domination over decent competition.  The onslaught began to wane in the second half.   The way this happened reminded me of races I seen Usain Bolt ease up just because he could.  Likewise, Bama almost looked like they were saving energy for later.

alabama's nick saban Overall, this game was a great indication of potential, but Saban does need to keep the team motivated to not become complacent, which is easy to do with a no-name school likeWesternKentuckyUniversity.   It is very easy to see why he is ranting to the media and staying on top of his team in practice to continue to improve.   Upsets do happen, and he knows it.  It only takes looking back to the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks upset victory in his first year at Bama to know what can happen if complacency and disrespect of the opponent happens.

So with that said, lets look at the 2012 Alabama Michigan Football Game Highlights once more and gear up for the Alabama WKU match up Saturday!


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