Experts Pick Bama To Win Cowboys Classic


Floyd Mayweather may want to take his money back before the game starts tonight and read what most college football experts are saying about tonight’s Michigan/Alabama game; they expect not only the Tide to win, but most expert them to win handily.

Denard Robinson scares me. I know that most experts are saying that Bama should win convincingly, but the Robinson factor will determine whether or not this game will be close. If he plays like he played most of last season, this game will be closer then people think it will be.

If he plays inconsistently like he has been known to play, this game won’t be close going into the fourth quarter, but I won’t be surprised if the Tide defense struggles at first to stop the quarterback, but at some point the Tide offense should wear the Michigan defense down.

Robinson will keep it close for awhile, but eventually the Tide wins 27-14.

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