Do You Agree with the Scarb? Says Denard Robinson IS NOT Cam Newton







On today’s sports section, writer Kevin Scarbinsky reminded Alabama fans and Nick Saban to remember one thing: Denard Robinson IS NOT former Auburn qb Cam Newton.

Read his assessment of Denard Robinson: (link below)

To grow up to be Newton, Robinson will have to lead his team to an undefeated season and a national championship, win the Heisman Trophy and go on to become the NFL rookie of the year. That, and add about 5 inches and 55 pounds to his slippery, sinewy frame.

One of those tasks is probably physiologically impossible. The others, like getting himself to New York in December and his team to Miami in January, to put it politely and with all due respect, ain't gonna happen.

Despite what the coach said about the Michigan qb, Scarbinsky thinks it’s a ploy to butter the young quarterback up and give him the big head before tomorrow night’s game and in my opinion he is right.

Saban has been really relaxed these past few weeks which is normally not a good thing for an opponent. It’s not that he is complimentary of his opponents, it just seems he has been more so of late especially with Robinson; Denard Robinson better watch out.

To read more of Kevin Scarbinsky’s article check out this link on

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