Michigan Talk Show Host Thinks Toussaint Should Sit Out Game





Not everyone in Michigan thinks Fitz Toussaint should play against Bama Saturday night.

Sports talk show host Jamie Samuelson who host "the Jamie and Wojo Show" thinks Michigan football coach Brady Hoke should send a message by sitting Toussaint.

Quoting Samuelson: "Toussaint should sit against Alabama"
"This shouldn’t be for a half or a series or a play. Those punishments are silly slaps on the wrist and they accomplish nothing. Make a statement. Either you’re in or you’re out. And he should be out."

Toussaint as you may recall, was guilty of DUI and will be sentenced in October.

Agree or disagree, looks like Toussaint will play against the Tide.

To read more of Samuelson's article, check out this link from the Detroit Free Press.


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