Former LSU Coach Says Michigan Not A Top 10 Team


Former LSU football coach Gerry DiNardo may have gotten himself in trouble with the Michigan fan base by saying that Michigan, at least right now, isn’t a top 10 team in his eyes.

“They’ve improved so much they are a preseason top 10 team,” DiNardo said.

“When I was here in the spring, they didn’t jump out to me like a top 10 team. They’re certainly recruiting like a top 10 team, they’re certainly coaching like a top 10 team but top 10 teams usually have deep talent and experience in the defensive line. I don’t see that in this team yet. Top 10 teams have great morale”

DiNardo should know he coached in the SEC for many years at Vanderbilt and then LSU, so he knows of what he speaks.

And the numbers in Vegas reflect what DiNardo is talking about; as of now, the Tide is between 11-13 point favorite in this game but we all know, numbers like that don’t matter and that anything can happen between now and then.

To read more about Gerry DiNardo’s comments, check out this article from the Detroit Free Press.

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