Kirby Smart The No. 2 Ranked Assistant Coach In The SEC?





Saturdays Down South, a college football website dedicated to SEC football, ranked the top assistant coaches in the SEC.

They rank LSU’s John Chavis the No. 1 assistant coach in the SEC and Kirby Smart No. 2; huh?

No offense to Chavis, but Smart alone deserves to be ranked No. 1 if nothing else because he has more national championships under his belt then Chavis.

Smart’s defense was the best in the country last year and has had more No. 1 draft choices then Chavis if I’m not mistaken the last two years as well and Smart is No. 2?

What am I missing here? SDS didn’t give a particular reason why Chavis was No. 1 other then he won the Frank Boyles award and that he is satisfied being an assistant; I guess they count that against Smart since he has a good chance of being a head coach some day.

I just think at times Coach Smart doesn’t get the credit that he deserves by the national media because of how good Coach Saban is, but even he would say most of the credit for the defense being good year in and year out would go to Smart and I guess what he thinks is all that really matters.

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