Who is Nick Saban’s Favorite Player?


You would think since Nick Saban is a defensive minded guy that his favorite player would be a guy after his own heart, but not so according to offensive lineman DJ Fluker.

Fluker told AL.com that the player that is more like Saban is not a defensive player, but an offensive player; quarterback AJ McCarron.

“You know? They’re just like brothers,” Fluker said. “They’re both picky. … It’s just fun to watch them go at it sometimes.”

Saban complimented his junior quarterback on his leadership and the way he bounces back from bad plays.

“He loves football. He's a perfectionist. He's a great competitor. He wants to do well. He wants to make plays. He wants to be a leader. He wants his unit to do well.

“Every play that doesn't work in practice, you can see him kicking the sand or whatever with his gestures. He always bounces back for the next play.”

Since Saban let McCarron loose after the first LSU game, you could see a change in AJ’s demeanor and we saw his confidence grow as a passer and a leader.

Once Saban saw what kind of leader he was, it changed the whole season around for the Tide in 2011. It’s nice to know that Bama has a qb that has the same mindset and intensity as the head coach.

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