Is Honey Badger Considering Bama For His Next Stop?


This whole Tyrann Mathieu is starting to spin out of control. Of course Friday we all know that LSU kicked the Honey Badger off the team for team violations.

Since then there have been crazy rumors about what Mathieu plans to do next. Some say he’ll transfer to McNeese State, another rumor has him staying in school and trying to get back on LSU’s football team next year, but the crazies rumor I heard was from LSU beat writer Glenn Guilbeau on Twitter last night who said this:

“I'm wondering if Mathieu is threatening to transfer to rival SEC school (BAMA) in 2013, making LSU officials renege.”

That tweet not only caught my eye, but the eye of one Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News who retweeted that comment.

Ok, now first of all before anyone gets too excited or too upset, Guilbeau has NOT said this was fact. He was just wondering out loud why all of a sudden LSU had a change of heart regarding Mathieu.

One day LSU officials are saying Mathieu can no longer play for the team period; the next day, he can’t play for us this year, but they didn’t say he couldn’t come back in 2013.

Which brings us to Guilbeau asking would Mathieu go to a rival school if he isn’t allowed to play in Baton Rouge next year?

Although it sounds like Mathieu may end up at McNeese, how would Bama fans feel if one of their biggest rival’s best players ended up in Tuscaloosa? something fun to ponder at least for now.

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