Tide Now Odds On Favorite To Win SEC


How big of a loss is former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu? So big that now Vegas odds makers are saying now that the Crimson Tide is favored to take the SEC.

According to betting website Bovada, the Tide who was tied with the Tigers for winning the SEC, has now taken the lead with 11/5 odds compared to the Tigers at 5/2 odds.

Some people are still scratching their heads over why the Honey Badger would risk everything for dope (allegedly).

But I’ve even heard talk by some LSU fans that Mathieu leaving would not affect LSU. How quickly they have forgotten had it NOT been for him, they may have lost the Georgia and Arkansas games.

Obviously, the rest of the country doesn’t feel the same way. Mathieu’s impact may not be felt until down the road, but it some point, it will be felt.

Jon Solomon wrote an interesting piece on how Mathieu’s departure will affect the SEC this season.


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