Report: Tide Recruit Transferring Causes Controversy


Defensive lineman Darius Paige has transferred from Washington High in Pensacola to Foley High School.

Why is this story you ask? Well his former assistant high school coach is accusing the one of the Tide’s assistant coaches of encouraged Paige to transfer for academic reasons.

Washington High assistant coach George Schellang accused Alabama assistant coach Jeremy Pruitt in the Pensacola News Journal, of steering Paige to Foley.

Foley High School coach Todd Watson denied the allegations.

“I know 100 percent that we did nothing wrong,” Watson said. “We have not recruited the kid in any form or fashion.”

Now, a kid transferring from one high school to another for whatever reason is not unheard of especially in recruiting.
Ruben Foster who was a one time Tide recruit, switched high schools as well and he ended up at Auburn later.

Unless Schellang has stone cold proof something illegal took place, his allegations will likely fall on deaf ears.

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