Ex-Tide Wide Out Carter Dismissed From FAU Practice


Ex-Crimson Tide wideout Duron Carter who recently left the UA campus to join Florida Atlantic, got kicked out of practice by FAU coaches for lack of effort.

Apparently according to reports, Carter’s wide receiver’s coach told the kid to come back when you are ready to make the effort; it must have gotten through to him because Carter came back to practice with a new attitude.

The Tide coaching staff waited for Carter’s attitude to change the past two years and we see now why he never made the field. There were rumors of academics or drug use which has never been confirmed, but what has been confirmed is that it seems Carter thought he’d get on the field with talent alone and that didn’t work in Tuscaloosa and apparently it’s not going to work at FAU either.

Carter is learning no matter how much talent you have or what your last name is, if you don’t make the effort to prove yourself, you won’t get on the field even if it’s at Florida Atlantic.

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