What Are The Chances of An Alabama / LSU Rematch for Title Again Next Year?


alabama lsuOne of the new members of the Bama Fan Forums http://bamafanforums.com  bought out an intersting scenario for next year. What if Alabama and LSU rematched for the title game? How would the rest of the country react?

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Who would win in Game of The Century IV in less than 2 years? It sounds crazy, but both Alabama and LSU are expected to field incredibly talented football teams for the 2012 football season. With Petrino out at Arkansas, you would have to think that they will not post a huge problem either. 

Some folks are looking for USC to be strong this year, but really, can you see Kiffin taking them to the title game?  I personally think it is going to be Bama and Florida State for all the marbles next year.  Jimbo Fisher has recruiting rolling and the Seminoles are going to be stacked, but I think Bama will pulverize them in the championship game to take the title back-to-back for the first time since Bear Bryant leaned on the goal posts. 

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