Saban Offers UGA Top Recruit Scholarship


For the past few years, Nick Saban has given Georgia Bulldog fans a reason to lose sleep at night. Saban has managed to steal some of the state's top recruits from under their noses and Bulldog fans aren't too happy about it.

It's being reported by the Atlanta Journal that Saban offer a scholarship to Georgia's top recruit defensive back Shaq Wiggins who went on a visit to Tuscaloosa recently with some of his teammates.

Saban reportedly told Wiggins that if he accepted, he would offer Wiggins a scholarship to the Capstone that day.

Although Wiggins was impressed, he didn't accept at least for now.

“Coach Saban was describing my highlight film and talking about he hadn’t seen a cornerback with cover skills like mine in a long time,” Wiggins told the AJC on Sunday night.

“It was a great conversation, and right at the end he said ‘I’ll offer you a scholarship to Alabama if you commit … today.’ Then he paused, waiting for a response. He took me by surprise by saying all of that.”

“Then we started talking again, and I just kind of told him that I was honored but I’m staying with Georgia. And it was an honor. That was Nick Saban, and that will probably be a conversation that I will never forget."

One of the reason's Coach Saban is a great recruiter is he is persistent. Wiggins has not heard the last from Nick Saban and you can believe that which should frighten every Georgia Bulldogs fan.

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