Mark Barron Explains How Nick Saban Prepared Him For The NFL


Former Crimson Tide beat report Ian Rapoport who now works with the Boston Herald covering the New England Patriots, did an interesting story on the Tide's Mark Barron.

Barron, who was the leader of the Tide defense this past year, explained to Rapoport why he choose the University of Alabama and how Nick Saban prepared him for the NFL.

This is what Barron told the Boston Herald:

“That’s something I knew when I first decided to go to Bama,” said Barron, explaining why he’s NFL ready. “We had a complex defense, an NFL-type scheme. So, going into to that, I already knew it was going to prepare me for the next level, so that was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Alabama. I knew that going in and I feel like that has prepared me for the next level.”

“We played in a very difficult defense, first of all,” Barron said. “We did a lot of different schemes. My role was, as far as communicating, I had a lot to do with that on the back end. And I felt like sometimes, I brought some energy to it with the hits I make and things of that nature. I did a lot of different things.”

Barron's play on the field including his leadership skills has apparently caught the eye of several NFL coaches and especially Bill Belichick the Patriots head coach who according to some reports a few weeks ago, tried to pick Nick Saban about which Bama players might fit in New England, so don't be surprised if you see Barron in a Pats uniform.

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