Alabama Is SEC Champions!


Roll Tide!   Alabama stomped Florida 32-13 in a good old butt kicking!  SEC championships aren't won on paper, but on a place called the gridiron.  Saban knows how to pull the very best out of his teams and the Florida game was one of the most overwhelming wins in a SEC title since the league expanded in 1992.   Bama dominated in every phase of the game over the Gators that were coming off their second national championship in three years.   This was supposed to be the year that Florida was unbeatable.  Afterall, they had "Superman", Tim Tebow . 

Bama's defense and offense played an outstanding game in all aspects.  I would liken it to a well oiled machine running at optimum capacity.  Tebow reminded me of Gino Toretta of the 1992 Nation Championship game.  He has a confused look in his eye and he was never comfortable throughout the game.  Defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart, had a gameplan that kept Tebow in his Clark Kent suit all night long, only to spot him in a toll booth later crying. 

On offense... McElroy looked like the Heiesman candidate...but so did Ingram (and he will win it).  The receivers caught passes.  The backs pounded Florida behind a dominating offensive line.  On defense, Florida was smothered.  They did not even score in the second half!  The king of the comeback, Tebow, had no answer for McClain & Gang!   Special teams played great for the most part, besides one missed extra point.  It was an all around great effort. 

To Be The Best, You Have to Beat The Best!

Alabama started the season wanting to beat the very best, and that happened Saturday.  The wait is on for the national championship game, but I have no doubt of the outcome.  Texas will be tough but Bama has a different attitude than ever before.  Like a shark that smells blood, Bama is ready for the kill. 

It was said that Mount Cody and some players tried to hit Coach Saban with Gatorade following the SEC victory over Florida... but Rolondo McClain stopped it.   He demonstrated leadership by saying that there will be no Gatorade on coach until they win the BIG GAME.  I call that laser focus. 

This is Alabama's first title in 10 years, but I have a suspicion that this upcoming decade will be a decade of dominance likened to the 70's when a man named Bear roamed the sidelines in Tuscaloosa.  The streak of a SEC title every decade since the beginning of the SEC was preserved.  The swagga is back... most importantly, Bama is back. 


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Thought you guys might like this. This is a song I wrote to the music of Garth Brooks “The Thunder Rolls”. This is called “Roll Tide Roll”. This is just the words, but I am trying to get permission to record and publish the song. Hope you like it.

“Roll Tide Roll”
Copyright 2009
Words by Michael D. Harris
Music by Garth Brooks and Pat Alger

Verse 1
Six-thirty in the evening, not a soul in sight.
Tuscaloosa is a ghost town on a Bama football night.
Walking in the stadium just like the legend says,
a storm is brewing on the field in a tidal wave of red.
Roll Tide roll, roll Tide roll.

Verse 2
From the swamp lands down in Baton Rouge to the hedges of Georgia.
The Razorbacks in Arkansas to the Gators of Florida.
From the Volunteers down in Tennessee to the Rebels at Ol Miss,
They’ll never stop that Crimson storm as the Tide comes rolling in.
Roll Tide roll, roll Tide roll.

Roll Tide roll, and the lightning strikes,
another team stopped cold by the Crimson Tide.
As the Tide rolls on out of control, deep from your heart
yell Roll Tide Roll!

Verse 3
On a cold day in November, it’s a down home Southern feud.
The Tide sends out a warning to the boys in burnt orange and blue.
No matter how your War Eagle flies this war is for state pride.
You’ll feel the stinging of defeat by the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Roll Tide roll, Yell Roll Tide Roll!

Roll Tide roll, and the lightning strikes,
another team stopped cold by the Crimson Tide.
As the Tide rolls on out of control, deep from your heart
yell Roll Tide Roll!

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