Are You Ready For A “Hoakie” Sandwich?


Are You Ready For A "Hoakie" Sandwich?   What the heck is a "Hoakie" anyway? Sounds almost like the old country ballad from Merle Haggard, "Okie from from Muskogee" but thats not the same word... The only time I have heard people use the word Hoakie was when they thought something was "lame".. like "That looks a bit hoakie to me."   I never would have thought that would have made it to the level of being a college nickname. 

Look at Auburn, are they anywhere near as fearsome as a tiger or eagle? Terrible choice...maybe "Tigger and The Eeyores" would fit the hapless Auburn barners better. But I digress...

hokieWhat is a Hoakie? No it isn't a sandwich... thats a Hoagie.. I have one pictured below. from what I understand, they used to be called the "gooblers" due to the voracious appetite of the student body, but that all changed in the 70's when the name Hokies was adopted, but the original word was coined by a spirited student in 1896 who chanted the term in a cheer, now known as "Old Hokie." The chant stuck and then the HokieBird mascot was officially used in 1982.

Say what you can about them, you can't say that VT is boring... a little "hoakie" but not boring! Now are you ready to eat a "Hoakie" sandwich?


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