Is Greg McElroy Done as a Jet?


Remember when Greg McElroy made those comments about his New York Jets teammates and came under fire for them? Well, it seems like it is coming back to haunt him.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan commented on McElroy's comments and said he was "angry" and didn't agree with all that the qb said.

The biggest thing that came from this story is that when asked if the Jet were going to seek a new back-up quarterback, Ryan replied "Well yeah."

A lot of people including some Bama fans thought McElroy was out of line for making those comments, but should it cost him his back-up job? McElroy didn't speak ill of Ryan or his coaching staff, he just said the atmosphere surrounding the team was toxic which according to a lot of people around the organization, was true.

But to fire the kid for just for speaking his mind is bit childish. What's your opinion?

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