LSU QB Questions Game Strategy


A month after the BCS National Championship game, LSU fans and their players are still in shock that they lost.

Including quarterback Jordan Jefferson who had the worst game of his college career which I don’t know if that means anything cause he has had a lot of those.

Jordan made these comments on an Atlanta radio station:

"I definitely didn't expect for (the title game) to play like that," Jefferson told WCNN. "Alabama was a little bit more prepared than us. There was a lot of things that we should've did different to catch a rhythm on offense. To win a type of game like that, you've got to win all three phases -- offense, defense and special teams -- and we just didn't get over that hump to winning those phases. We kind of fell short in that game."

Kind of? was he watching the same game we were?

Jefferson continues

"When we came in at halftime we discussed what we needed to do different as far as moving the ball and getting in a rhythm," he told the radio station. "... You have to have certain plays for these certain types of defenses they were running. We talked about making the adjustment and the adjustment that we made wasn't the adjustment that we needed to make to get the momentum and rhythm going.”

At no point does Jefferson blame himself for having a lousy game, he just basically continues to blame the coaches.

"We have great guys in those areas and sometimes we just wonder why we don't use those guys," he said. "But we're not the one calling the plays. We still have to go out and execute what the coaches and coordinators are calling. We can't complain as players, but sometimes we do question that.

It’s a month later and LSU players are STILL wondering what the hell happen. How about giving Alabama credit and saying we just got beaten by a better football team, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

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