Saban Talks Recruiting Class and Gray Shirting


nick saban & espn's chris fowlerAlthough Alabama coach Nick Saban reeled in another top recruiting class, Saban seemed a little bit peeved about losing some players today like Darius Phlion who went to Arkansas and Justin Taylor who signed with Kentucky.

But first the coach had these opening remarks: "We started out w/ a goal of explosive players on offense and felt good about the guys we were able to attract."

Then Saban went off for a few minutes about the new SEC over signing rule.

“We took away some opportunities from players who wanted to come here because of the 25 limit.”

“It was more difficult to manage, to hit the exact number, said Saban." "We couldn't send out too many scholarships on a maybe because of the new rule.”

The coach also said he resents people thinking that coaches don’t have the best interest of the player and he basically ended his press conference speaking briefly on the Ladon Collins signing saying he hopes everyone around him will support his decision.

I don’t blame the coach for being a little upset, the media has seem to have made him the poster child for over siging players, but despite that, it hasn’t hurt him at all which tells you what kind of coach he is and the type of program he runs.


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