Collins’ Mother Backs Off Comments


After coming out yesterday with allegations against Alabama and head coach Nick Saban, Landon Collins mom April Justin, has backed off somewhat of comments yesterday she made that Bama had offer Collins girlfriend a job in the athletic department.

In the Izzy Gould article, we find out that the "job" that was alleged was actually a hostess position.

"There's accusations saying (Annette's) going to hand feed Landon to Saban and that basically my son is following her daughter, which is a lie," Justin said. "Since his junior year, when we first visited, we fell in love with the (Alabama) campus.

"Furthermore, there was an accusation saying she has a job for an internship. It's not a job. It's an intern in his office."

Annette is Annette Jackson-Lowery which is Collins' girlfriend momma who use to work at LSU.

It sounds like there is a power struggle between Collins' mom and his girlfriend. Momma wants him at LSU for some reason which we'll never know and he wants to attend Bama with his girlfriend.

Landon Collins has said he has been interested in Bama for the last two years way before his girlfriend or her mother became involved in this process. It's his mother who has been pushing LSU down his throat.

But isn't it interesting how Collins' mother all of sudden has a change of heart and will support her son tomorrow. Wonder if she got a call from someone in Baton Rouge telling her to let this situation go before she screws it up for herself and her son.

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