Tide Recruit Collins Visits LSU


Landon Collins, the safety from Lousiana whose mother didn't want him to attend Alabama, has reportdly made an unofficial visit to LSU recently.

Apparently, Collins and his mother are still having issues about him attending Alabama and she still hasn't gotten over his choice yet. According to reports, Collins' mother felt disrepected by Nick Saban because she felt he was more concern about her son's football future then his academic future; wonder if she felt that way about Les Miles?

My guess is that Collins visited LSU to please his mom, because it sounded like when he committed to Bama a few weeks ago, that no matter what his mom said or did, his mind was made up and he was going to Tuscaloosa.

You would think after watching the way LSU played in the national championship game that she would change her mind and realize maybe LSU is NOT the place her son should be.

We'll see if mom truly does know best.

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There comes a time when you have to do what YOU think is best for your own future. Mama doesn’t always know what’s best when it comes to choices like this one.


Actually mom’s often know more than an arrogant 18 yo kid that has no idea what the real world entails thinks.

By the way, what does the way LSU played in one game, especially considering that they have still beaten Bama two out of the last three times have anything to do with where LC should play football?


Get back in the kitchen Stacey

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