Why Yeldon’s Change Of Heart: A Chance At A Heisman


Josh Bean of the Press-Register had an interesting article on running back TJ Yeldon. Yeldon, who was a one time Auburn commitment, switched to the Crimson Tide back in December and enrolled on campus this month.

Auburn fans have been wondering why Yeldon had a change of heart, well now we know why: he wanted to win the Heisman Trophy.

"The past two or three years, they've (Alabama) had running backs qualify for the Heisman Trophy," he said. "I mean, Auburn hasn't."

I'm sure it also didn't help Auburn that they ran the spread and that both Michael Dyer and offensive coordinator Gus Malzahan left. But it had to be a shock to Auburn fans to hear that although they have had three Heisman winners in the past, that Yeldon decided to go to Bama because he thought his chances of winning would be better.

Not only that, but both Ingram and Richardson will be playing on Sunday as well and I'm sure that didn't hurt either. How many years has it been since Auburn had a running back go in the first round of an NFL Draft? And yet, the Tide had the two running backs in the nation the last few years.

"I just had to go to the place that was best for me," Yeldon said. "I felt great at Alabama. I love it up there."

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