Upshaw Impresses At Senior Bowl Practices


If there is one player that has really stood out at Senior Bowl practices this week it's been Alabama's Courtney Upshaw.

According to several reports this week, Upshaw has been dominate in practice and has raised lots of eyebrows and like Julio Jones last year, his stocked has moved up.

"I think he's one of the few guys where you can line him up as a 4-3 defensive end and he'd be great, and I think the 3-4 teams are going to love him at outside linebacker," said Mike Mayok of the NFL Network. "I just watched the national championship tape the other day and what jumps off the tape is, No. 1, the talent and ability, but No. 2, they really coach them well. Their kids are so fundamentally sound it helps them at the next level."

One of the teams that run the 4-3 are the Washington Redskins who just so happen are part of the South's coaching staff this week.

“I think he has a fantastic future,” said Nick Saban. “He’s a guy that’s really hard to block. He’s a good pass rusher. He’s got great size and strength to play outside linebacker and be a designated pass rusher on third down. People are always looking for those kind of guys, and I think he’s going to fit well with a team, especially a 3-4 team.”

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