Do UA Fans Have An Image Problem?


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I was reading an interesting article in the Dothan Eagle about the image of the University of Alabama. While most of us see our image as Nick Saban holding a crystal ball in his hand again, most of the country doesn’t see us that way. The image they have of the University is of two people: Brian Downing and Harvey Updyke.

Let me say this, most Bama fans including myself are reasonable people. We don’t like what Downing or what Updyke has done, the problem is they seem to be soaking up bad publicity for our school and our state.

Instead of looking at us and saying wow what a great football team, it seems like now we are being bombarded by media reports of yet another fan behaving badly with a Alabama sweatshirt on claiming to be a fan of the University.

It doesn’t help when we have certain parts of our fan base act like fools in public and have people who support them in private.

I hate Auburn just like everyone else and hated they won the national championship last year, but that didn’t make me want to go to their campus and poison their trees, that was just asinine.

And believe me, I enjoyed beating the hell out of LSU more then anyone, but it didn’t cause me to go out in the streets and humiliate an LSU fan because of our victory.

Coach Bryant always emphasis to his players to act like you been there and win with class; Coach Saban has basically asked us to do the same. Maybe some us who call ourselves fans need to try listen to the coaches’ advice and act like we’ve been there.

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