Auburn Prosecutors Offers Updyke 13 Years


harvey updike toomers treesMark Schlabach of ESPN reported Friday that Harvey Updyke turned down a plea offer from prosecutors that would have required him to spend 13 years in prison and never attend a Crimson Tide sporting event for the rest of his life, a source close to the case told

Updyke's attorney Everett Wess is not only asking for a change of venue but wanted to bring in tree posioning experts and he also wants the judge off the case because of his ties to Auburn.

If he is convicted, Updyke could face up to 10 years in prison for each felony charge and as much as a one-year sentence and $2,000 fine on each misdemeanor.

Now, my question is, is 13 years a bit too much for poisoning trees? There is no doubt that Updyke deserves to be punish, but come on now 13 years? My suggestion is that you just have him serve about six months in jail, but make him serve during the football season.

Or make him do years of community service, but he has to serve it in Auburn during football season. Putting him in jail won't do anything but kill the old man; you want to really punish Harvey Updyke, let him miss a football season or two. That will do him more good then a jail cell.

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