Saban Reflects On Paterno


Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno died Sunday morning from complications due to cancer. Yesterday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban was asked to reflect on Paterno's legacy and how it effected his coaching career.

"Joe Paterno gave his life to college football, He gave his life to the players and college football.

Not just at Penn State, but when I was the head coach at Michigan State, we had a player who could get a sixth year because of an injury, and Joe was the head of the committee. He got it done for the player, and that player actually ran a touchdown against them that could have cost them the game later that season.But I never doubted with him that he was going to do what was best for college football, and the players that played it, and I think that should be his legacy."

Joe Paterno's legacy won't be defined by the Penn State scandal, but it will never be forgotten either.

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