New Orleans Police Make Arrest in LSU Fan Prank


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Friday, New Orleans police department made an arrest in the new infamous prank pulled on an LSU fan in a Krystal near Bourbon Street.

Here is what is being reported by

Brian Downing, 32, of Smiths Station, Ala., was booked on charges of sexual battery and obscenity. He was videotaped Jan. 9 "placing his “manly parts” on an LSU fan's face. The LSU fan appears to be heavily inebriated and practically unconscious," a police statement said.

Now, apparently this guy is the cousin of the sheriff in his hometown and was employed now fired, with Hibbets Sporting Goods after it was found out he was the guy in that video.

Folks trust me when I say I have no sympathy for either one of these guys. The victim who was dumb enough to get drunk on Bourbon Street probably should have been at home instead of being in a crowded place getting his head bad. The guy who did this to him is getting what he deserves for being a drunk idiot himself, but come on does the New Orleans Police not have more important things to do?

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You’d probably have a whole different opinion if this had happened to you……


The one that got that done to him should be giving a ticket for public drunkness, but he want cause he is an LSwho fan.


As I understand it, while his girlfriend urged him on and while Mr. x, was unconscious and face up, Mr. Downing pulled out his penis and rubbed the head on the face of Mr. X. No doubt, Mr. Downing was in a glee moment and loved the attention he was getting. That is not public drunkenness, Chris; that is assault legally, and not only that, because it is captured on video, it is forever memorialized. Mr. Downing obviously has a mental problem to have done this along with his girlfriend. I am pleased that he has been indicted. He needs to apologize after he serves a few months in jail.

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