Kirkpatrick Charged with Drug Possession



After declaring himself for the NFL Draft, Dre Kirkpatrick along with another former Crimson Tide player Chris Rodgers, was charged with Possession of marijuana in Manatee County (Fla.).

Kirkpatrick was booked and then set free on a $120 bond.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, the arrest report by the Palmetto Police Department, said that Kirkpatrick was the front-seat passenger in a truck that was stopped for driving on the wrong side of the road. A police canine alerted the officer to the presence of drugs, and the officer discovered marijuana on the floorboard at Kirkpatrick's feet.

Kirkpatrick admitted after being advised of his rights that he was present in the car when the drugs were purchased, but did not know at the time that drugs were being purchased.

Kirkpatrick's court date was set for Feb. 21. You have to wonder after this incident, how this will effect Kirkpatrick’s draft status. In the past when a player has been rumored to be a drug user, his stock has dropped. More than likely, that is what will happen to Kirkpatrick.

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